A Job Well Done

While growing up and traveling in Europe, Faim became fascinated by the beauty of centuries old stone structures that remain still in use. He marvels at how they were constructed without modern technology and tools and has considerable respect for the strength and tenacity of the historic masons who created them.

His business values spring from that perspective.  When you work with Melic Masonry you can be assured that:

  • The owner of the business will be working on the job with his crew, not merely showing up to supervise workers periodically.
  • He will come to work as expected and honor the job commitments.
  • He takes personal pride in the work and will stand behind it.

Faim Melic

Owner, Melic Masonry


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Melic Masonry

Exquisite Stonework in the San Juan Islands

Background & Experience

Faim is originally from Bosnia where his family worked in the construction trade. Subsequent to the war that devastated the Yugoslavian region and country of his birth, he immigrated to the United States via Vienna in 1998. A cousin who preceded him to the US found work as a stone mason in Friday Harbor, so Faim also chose to make Friday Harbor his new home and apply his building skill to masonry. Within a short time, the quality of his work was recognized by local contractors and homeowners and he gained the reputation for being a trustworthy, reliable, and capable tradesman.  

Desiring to be his own boss and work directly with the designers and clients, Faim founded Melic Masonry in 2007. His company rapidly become known for providing high category and high quality workmanship and they have completed numerous prominent residential and commercial projects throughout the San Juan Islands.  

Faim, Dina, and their son Alen approach their lives with optimism, integrity, and gumption. They project the natural charisma that comes from dedication and from just being good people. They are valued members of their Island community and participate in many local activities and charitable organizations.