From Concept to Completion

Powerful physical strength is a basic job requirement for the masonry trade. But it takes more than a strong back, thick muscle, and solid knees to create a work of art from random stacks of rock, stone, and mortar.

A good understanding of construction and engineering techniques is needed to assemble the rough components into a structure that will stand or form a surface that will endure. Before beginning the work, a skilled mason must visualize how the pieces of raw material will be joined like a complex puzzle. An exceptional mason will also bring an intrinsic knowledge of symmetry, texture, and proportional relationship to the design. It takes both experience and instinct to select the perfect stone and make the precise cut that will turn blank space into visual fulfillment. 

Inspired by the beauty and permanence of old world walls and bridges, Melic Masonry infuses form and function with unique character and creative artistry. 

What our Clients Say...

"Melic Masonry is professional, courteous, our project was finished on time and beautifully executed."          

"Faim & his crew did excellent work. Great workmanship, on time, competent, helpful, a delight to work with."

"These guys rock." 

Complete references available on request.

Expert Workmanship...

  • Retaining Walls
  • Veneers & Facades
  • Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Patios, Driveways, Walkway
  • Barbeque Pits
  • Dry Stack, Fieldstone, Bluestone, Limestone Concrete, Stucco, & Tile Surfaces

STONE becomes the focal point of any building project. it lends  visual drama to a structure, conveys  the sense of  endurance & earthiness, and adds a tactile element to be explored with one's fingertips.  

stonework makes a high impact statement.

a skilled mason can make the statement resonate.

Exquisite Stonework in the San Juan Islands


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Melic Masonry